meEarning the master’s degree in journalism research became my goal while working on my undergraduate degrees at the University of Alabama. During my undergraduate studies, the importance of educating future journalists in ethical journalistic practices became very clear after I saw trends in framing in our campus newspaper. Future journalists begin learning about important ethical practices regarding their profession with the importance of not plagiarizing, making true statements in their publication, and conducting themselves with integrity. They also learn to use the rules of attribution and accuracy set forth by professional journalists for decades.

The faculty in the journalism department at the University of Alabama has worked hard to become one of the top-ranked programs in the country. I feel that I can make an important contribution to the profession by studying with them to further develop my knowledge and sharpen my skills as a journalism researcher.

One way for me to contribute to the development of future professional journalists is to continue my research focusing on college newspapers and journalism students. I have gained a great deal of experience while studying racial media framing in college newspapers for a year. My goal as a researcher and professor is twofold: to develop methodologies to advance my ongoing research in college newspapers, and to teach future professional journalists to utilize integrity and effectiveness in communicating with the public. As journalists, we represent the profession at large, and it is our responsibility to adhere to the strong ethical code set forth by the Society of Professional Journalists in order to uphold the reputation of the profession as a whole.

I am excited at the prospect of working with the faculty in the journalism department at the University of Alabama. Dr. Jennifer Greer’s work in media framing is very interesting. Her research has led me to investigate wider areas of inquiry.

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